Atlanta Studies 2.0

Atlanta Studies 2.0

Editorial Staff

Welcome to what we on the editorial staff are calling “Atlanta Studies 2.0.” Over the past few weeks we have implemented several updates, large and small, to the Atlanta Studies site. In this post we highlight and explain those changes.

Two larger changes will make our content easier to find and faster to load. You might have noticed that we have migrated the site to atlantastudies.org from its previous location at scholarblogs.emory.edu/atlantastudies/ and that we have launched a new homepage, pictured to the right. The new homepage design aims to guide readers to our newest articles and blog posts efficiently, serving as a reliable portal to our content suitable for regularly checking. Moving the site to its new URL has enabled us to dramatically increase its speed so you don’t have to wait as long for each page to load.

We have also made a variety of smaller changes to improve navigation across the site. These changes include a streamlined menu at the top of the site, redesigned article and blog post landing pages, and new “Similar Publications” sections at the bottom of all of our articles and substantive blog posts suggesting other relevant content that readers might find interesting.

In the coming months we will be continuing to improve the site to make your experience even smoother, but for now we wanted to take a moment to highlight these recent changes.