Each spring the Atlanta Studies Network hosts an annual symposium that tackles the social, cultural, environmental, and economic issues facing Atlanta.

The fifth annual Atlanta Studies Symposium will be held at the Woodruff Library of the Atlanta University Center on April 26, 2017. The theme of the 2017 symposium is “Rethinking Equity in Atlanta.”

Though the city of Atlanta continues to thrive, as it has for the past century and a half, social stratification and inequality has remained a persistent part of its urban fabric throughout.

This symposium poses the questions: How might we better understand the issues around equity that are specific to Atlanta? What are we talking about and not talking about, when we discuss equity in Atlanta? How might we design a future Atlanta that better serves all of its citizens?

The symposium will conclude with a keynote from Dr. Zandria Robinson, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Rhodes College, entitled “Atlanta, The Black Map, and Chocolate City Sociology.”

The program for the symposium is now available here: 

Atlanta Studies Symposium 2017 Program – Print

Errata – ATLS Symposium 2017

Information and programs from previous symposia can be found here.